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Certified Executive Protection Concierge Services

ITrueRisk safeguards the personal information of corporate executives, high-access employees, and

high- net-worth individuals and families against targeted cyber attacks, online fraud, and other threats to them and their company's digital lives. Our solution safeguards digital privacy, personal devices and the residential networks of individuals with limited time and much to lose.

Enabling Better Risk Management Decisions

Our expertise allows us to prioritize where your mitigation efforts should start, so you can confidently make informed decisions on which risks need to be mitigated, accepted, or transferred to ensure their actual risk landscape is aligned with your actual risk tolerance. 

Rigorous training, the most thorough assessments

The ITR Training Staff and Assessment Team is made up of career Special Operations and Subject Matter Experts with firsthand expertise of a range of physical security concerns, from local multi-location security planning to individual personal protection procedures in high threat scenarios.


Full spectrum in home security assessment, comprehensively addressing the physical and network security of your executives homes. Providing you and your team with a cohesive vision of the threats you face and how to harden your attack surfaces against them, ensuring your vulnerabilities are understood and documented, so your key personnel come away a deep and detailed understanding how to proceed patching the gaps in their own and thusly their organizations armor.

Pricing: Normally 10k, only 6k with special conference exclusive discount.*


We preform an engaging workshop with the top minds and decision makers at your organization, guiding sessions and leading the way towards the security solutions you need, whether its organization or department wide reformatting, a better disaster response plan or even improving your internal policies to better grapple with a global increase in workplace violence. We also cover areas that help you develop plans and polices for crisis management, ensuring facility security and reporting for security incidents.

Pricing: For special conference pricing please inquire through email:


We will train the key personnel in your organization in everything from abduction prevention and active shooter incident response to theft and loss prevention. We also cover areas like data, device and workstation security and we can even train your organization on how to evolve and adapt your policies, keeping an eye on the future so you can anticipate new threats.  

Pricing: Normally 10k, only 6k with special conference exclusive discount.

Exclusive offer only available at Wbec

* Assessments: An assessment is a 1 day on site visit, covering one location in its entirety utilizing unique methodologies and equipment. Any site within 50 miles of miles of the Maricopa county limits is covered in the flat fee, if the site is outside of this range then the travel cost (+20% of flat fee) is covered by the client.

*Training: A training session entails a 1 day on site visit covering up to 10 individuals per purchase, utilizing unique methodologies and equipment. Any site within 50 miles of miles of the Maricopa county limits is covered in the flat fee, if the site is outside of this range then the travel cost (+20% of flat fee) is covered by the client.

Global security architecture consulting

Having been on Secret Service details for presidents, performed hostage rescue for the families of diplomats and created the security policies for multibillion dollar corporations puts a Global Security Architect in a uniquely ready position to serve an organizations needs. That’s precisely the position that ITrueRisk has placed itself in. We can tackle the security needs of your company with speed, efficacy and intelligence, comprehensively taking your security posture to the next level while keeping impacts to productivity to an all time low. Whether you need to sure up your risk mitigation and compliance, come up a with an incident reporting methodology the works for you and not against or even institute the strategies you need to protect against active shooter scenarios and bomb threats, we have the team to not only handle the job but go beyond the industry standards and exceed expectations. If you are interested in this exciting offer please reach out us at and a member of our team will be in touch.


Tel. 202-913-3290

Fax. 866-322-5620

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