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Considerations and Strategies for Protecting Our Most Valuable Assets 

The lines between security, freedom and privacy: Where does one end and another begin

Security for VIP's doesn't stop at the organizations they work at: How to coordinate the prioritization of an organization's

security concerns in tandem with those of the individual.

Abduction prevention: Understanding those who might be motivated to commit an abduction is key in preventing them, this

focus on intelligence gathering is at the forefront of all our security training.

Operations involving Community Interaction: How to lead an engaging and frictionless event without jeopardizing the safety

of your most valuable personnel.

Corporate Team Building: Not just for productivity, coordination amongst every team member, especially by those not

traditionally involved in the security apparatus, leading to faster and more effective responses.

Planning an emergency threat response: We teach you how to coordinate and plan your tactical positions as well as how to

understand your own strategic defense opportunities.

Instruction on Travel Safety and Security: Detecting and preventing threats when in transit is often one of the most likely

points of failure for any security apparatus.

Instruction for an Active Shooter: Taking you through a step by step second by second plan customized for your organization's

specific vulnerabilities.

Counter Ambush Strategies: Teaching you the tactics you need to prevent and survive the most hostile of attacks.

Counter Kidnapping tactics: Holistic training for persons at risk of kidnapping.

Anti-surveillance regarding transportation methods: The first step in breaching a targets security is understanding that

target's location and movements, the first step in securing an individual and a team is obscuring these aspects.

Anti-surveillance strategies for the workplace and for the home: The security of your most valuable personnel doesn't stop at

the office nor should your information security stop with a simple encryption company messages, a truly successful security


Monitoring the lines commutation: Teaching you how to evaluate both your channels and methods of communication as well

as how to scan them, this is useful not only in threat detection and prevention but also in understanding points of failure in

the vent if a successor attack.

How to assess your entire IT infrastructure for brute force hacking: Protecting yourself from the like of cheap but very

effective methodologies like T clamps, DTMF decoders and circuit breaching.

Training in Human Intelligence: Understanding the ways in which your organizations best assets can unknowingly assist a bad

actor, this encompasses threats such as extortion, blackmail and bribery.


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