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Pre-M&A IT Risk Due Diligence

Low friction - High value  Approach which provides visibility of underlying cyber risks which would not otherwise be found. Assistance in quantifying their impact on offer price.

M&A Day 1 Cyber Risk Assessment

If the deal was rushed, and you now own a cyber environment you are unsure of, our Day 1 engagement will provide complete visibility, prioritize remediation, and allow you to better roadmap integraion successfully

Post-M&A Integration Roadmapping 

Discover all risks to successful integration as it was originally assumed. Quantifed prioritization of projects in order of maximum business risk involved. 3 - 6 - 12 month Integration health checkups

Cyber Insurance Concierge

 Quantification &

Board Reporting

Walking you step-by-step through the Cyber Insurance Application ensuring that your answers now do not waive your rights of coverage if a claim happens down the road. Analyze and Quantify how much your organization actually needs, and communicate/educate the findings to your board of directors in language they actually speak, business.

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