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Mergers & Acquisitions 
IT Due-Diligence

When considering acquiring a target company, corporations or Private Equity firms need to perform a neutral and adequate IT Due Diligence - not only for technology-driven companies or in case of carve-outs One area which is especially important, but at the same time a potential source for the business success, it needs to be addressed within M&A transactions as soon as possible. 


Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR)
Quantifiable Cyber-Risk Analysis

Our collective experience engaging with organizations that have been at the forefront of managing cyber risk reveals the following:

A Business Issue: 

Cyber risk has become a business issue, not just a technology issue. Industry leaders are finding that cyber risk governance needs to be owned by the C-suite rather than by IT. 


Quantification of Cyber Risk:

The FAIR framework defines a foundation for managing cyber risk across various business functions (line-of-business, IT, security) by providing a means to quantify the business impact of cyber risk.


Business-Defined Risk Balance:

Cyber Risk Management enables business executives and their organizations to understand the cyber risk profile of their digital operations from a business perspective and equips them with knowledge and a decision-making framework that allows them to balance the need to protect their organization with the need to run their business. 

Cyber Resiliency: The ultimate objective of cyber risk management is to build cyber resiliency, where an organization’s systems and operations are designed to prevent and detect cyber threats, and respond to events to minimize business disruption and financial losses.


Chief Information Risk Officer(CIRO): 


The role of a CIRO has emerged as a leader and manager of Cyber Risk Management programs. CIROs will require a mix of business acumen and understanding with sufficient technical knowledge to assess and make recommendations for appropriately addressing cyber risk. Many business-minded CISOs are getting a seat at the business table by transitioning into CIRO roles. In forward-thinking organizations, CIROs are increasingly reporting to CROs or COOs on the business side of the organization, versus reporting to CIOs in IT. 

ITrueRisk Aggregated
CyberRisk Scoring


CyberSecurity professionals tasked with securing enterprises have long fell victim to Information Overload & Notification Fatigue. To help this problem, CyberSecurity vendors have jumped to FICO Credit-Like Scoring to provide high level views of a companies CyberSecurity Risks, and show how they affect the enterprise's overall security hygiene.


Initially this was a helpful improvement as it was more visually appealing and induced less anxiety from the IT department. The rapid adoption of this Credit-Like Risk Scoring by every individual vendor however, quickly restored a familiar old feeling of overwhelm. 

We developed ITrueRisk to restore both your sanity and your confidence.

By carefully pulling inputs from all of the areas where your CyberRisk truly lives and married with the results of an in-depth questionnaire to better understand your organizations IT environment and the high value data and assets that it encompasses, we are able to provide you with actionable and quantifiable results to ensure that you are only accepting as much risk as your enterprise's risk appetite will allow.


ITrueRisk proprietary Risk Scoring

provides organizations with the evidence needed to measure, manage and improve their cybersecurity effectiveness. This capability enables enterprises to quantifiably validate if their controls are actually protecting their business-critical assets and keeping them safe.



Pre-M&A IT Risk Due Diligence

Low friction - High value  Approach which provides visibility of underlying cyber risks which would not otherwise be found. Assistance in quantifying their impact on offer price.

M&A Day 1 Cyber Risk Assessment

If the deal was rushed, and you now own a cyber environment you are unsure of, our Day 1 engagement will provide complete visibility, prioritize remediation, and allow you to better roadmap integraion successfully

Post-M&A Integration Roadmapping 

Discover all risks to successful integration as it was originally assumed. Quantifed prioritization of projects in order of maximum business risk involved. 3 - 6 - 12 month Integration health checkups

Cyber Insurance Concierge

 Quantification &

Board Reporting

Walking you step-by-step through the Cyber Insurance Application ensuring that your answers now do not waive your rights of coverage if a claim happens down the road. Analyze and Quantify how much your organization actually needs, and communicate/educate the findings to your board of directors in language they actually speak, business.

The complexity of traditional networks grown exponentially through the adoption of cloud services and virtual machines. It has now become a very daunting and challenging task for understaffed and often under-budgeted IT Security teams to achieve the full visibility into enterprise assets required to adequately shield their organization from undesired cyber risk.

ITrueRisk was founded to solve the issue that our founders were faced with as senior infosec leaders at many fortune 1oo enterprises. Their organization would finalize an acquisition without previous review of the target companies IT Infrastructure, Maturity of their Information Security & Compliance Programs, or an Inventory of their IT Assets & Intellectual Property.  

Nearly 100% of the time, the organization's executives and the board had little to no knowledge of the scope or severity of the acquired organizations IT environment, the resources it would require to achieve a successful implementation of the business risks that combining the two environments would pose to the larger organization. This oversight led to significant discrepancies between the forecasted and actual ROI of the acquisition, with one instance ultimately requiring cash expenditure for remediation,, then the organization had originally been purchased for.

For the organizations who are active in M&A, ITrueRisk can provide invaluable by ensuring that you are equipped with the full view of the risk involved, and provide you with the ability to make better-informed decisions that translate to your bottom line. 

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