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Our mission is to identify quickly and with the least amount of risk to our clients individuals and corporations The quickest way to secure their homes networks and organizations in order to protect their safety , brand and businesses both from a cyber and physical perspective wherever and whenever possible .  ItrueRisk LLc was founded in 2018 with the premise that we could create enhanced service options around the convergence of physical and cyber security by combining the best-of-breed technology and the expertise of our practitioners. Our professionals in cyber and physical security have over several hundred years of combined experience, which enables our clients and the individuals we serve to gain greater visibility around risk and remediation efforts in the shortest time possible, with an investment that yields not only personal but also professional benefits.



Joseph Dean

Jospeh Dean is the CEO of ITrueRisk and a cyber and physical security specialist with over 40 years of hands-on experience in Federal sectors, such as DoD, DoJ and the FBl as well as with private sector corporations like CenturyLink, Texas Instruments and the Mercedes Benz Group. Joe's experience is extensive with both public cloud computing and private corporate security systems. The ability to both design and train and implement security postures and forensic strategies when necessary has enabled Joes' expertise to be showcased in dozens of projects over the years including intrusion management and threat detection for API systems and Department of Defense intensive training. Past work experience includes not only high-security environments, but also low-security network systems open to the public. 

Katherine Bluma

Katherine Bluma is the founder of ITrueRisk, an organization focused on solving difficult security and compliance problems by delivering world-class solutions. Katherine has demonstrated leadership roles in IT for public, private, non-profit, and government organizations. Katherine's involvement throughout the organization is reflected by her being placed on retainer as a subject matter expert, sought out for different board positions, and part of early stage development for emerging technology organizations. The most valuable asset is her ability to think outside the box and correctly evaluate the demands of the ever-changing market.

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