Certified Security Experts,

Unprecedented Visibility.

Certified enterprise risk, compliance & data privacy experts utilizing world-class technologies to provide organizations with a complete view of their true IT risk landscape regardless if it exists in an on-premise server, in the cloud, in the dark web, or on social media.

Enabling Better Risk Management Decisions

ITrueRisk prioritizes, quantifies and maps results to the business' most critical assets, allowing the board of directors to confidently make informed decisions on which risks they should mitigate, accept, or transfer to ensure their actual risk landscape is aligned with the organization's actual risk tolerance. 

What We Do

Pre-M&A IT Risk Due Diligence

Low friction - High value  Approach which provides visibility of underlying cyber risks which would not otherwise be found. Assistance in quantifying their impact on offer price.

M&A Day 1 Cyber Risk Assessment

If the deal was rushed, and you now own a cyber environment you are unsure of, our Day 1 engagement will provide complete visibility, prioritize remediation, and allow you to better roadmap integraion successfully

Post-M&A Integration Roadmapping 

Discover all risks to successful integration as it was originally assumed. Quantifed prioritization of projects in order of maximum business risk involved. 3 - 6 - 12 month Integration health checkups

Cyber Insurance Concierge

 Quantification &

Board Reporting

Walking you step-by-step through the Cyber Insurance Application ensuring that your answers now do not waive your rights of coverage if a claim happens down the road. Analyze and Quantify how much your organization actually needs, and communicate/educate the findings to your board of directors in language they actually speak, business.

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